7 Genius Laundry Tips That Make Life Easier | Everyone Should Know

Welcome to my 7 Genius Laundry Tips blog post. In this post, I’ll share with you the top 7 laundry secrets that everyone should know. If you follow this blog post then you can clean your clothes more perfectly. So, let’s start this blog post.

7 Genius Laundry Tips That Make Life Easier | Everyone Should Know

Doing the laundry is one of the most boring housework tasks. But it cannot be ignored. And it must be done. Even nowadays, with the help of washing machines, we spend time and effort washing clothes, shoes, and other objects.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, one thing has been estimated. A person spends 17 minutes per day doing the laundry on average. However, in today’s blog post, I shall share useful tricks for doing your laundry.


1 – Coins & Papers in Pockets

It is a fact that occasionally we put coins and papers in our pockets. But end up completely forgetting about them. Moreover, we forget to check our pockets and to take these items out of them.

To prevent papers from soiling our clothes and coins from ruining our washing machines, place a transparent glass pot next to the washing machine. As a result, it will remind you to check the pockets before putting the clothes in for washing.

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2 – Turn Inside Out for Washing

It is likely that many people, before putting clothes into the basket turn them to the right side. Moreover, they do it to put clothes into the washing machine.

However, laundry specialists do not recommend washing them like that. To maintain the cloth’s color, it is better to turn them inside out.

3 – Soft Towels Again

To have soft and absorbent towels, follow the typical granny’s tip. Firstly, wait for the wash. After that, at the end of the rinse, add alcohol vinegar. As a result, the smell will evaporate. On the other hand, your towels will be so soft.

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4 – Eliminate Stain Use Detergent

Stains from food or a ballpoint pen? At the time of the accident, you can remove the stain using a bit of detergent.

Just drop a bit of the product on the stain. After that, wait a few seconds. And then wash the clothes as you normally do.

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5 – Washing bags for small garments

Nowadays it is normal to see washing bags for small garments like socks, underwear, and lingerie. However, these bags also deteriorate.

Instead, use pillowcases with a fastener or just tie them. This will void the mysterious disappearance of socks which happens in almost every home.

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6 – Do Not Over-Dry The Clothes

Do you know that feeling of rough fabric? This can happen if you forget your clothes for too long on the clothesline. In some cases, even steam iron won’t be able to solve the problem.

So, it is better to iron your clothes a bit wet. On the other hand, if the problem persists and your clothes seem difficult to iron, just moisten them with water.

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7 – Recover shrunken clothes

Have you accidentally washed your clothes with water that was just too hot? As a result, your clothes are shrunk? Just dip them in warm water with a conditioner in order.

As a result, it will loosen the fibers and delicately stretch the garment. After that, let it dry on a hanger. Your clothing will recover almost 100% of its original size.

My Final Opinion:

Above all, I want to say If you really want to wash your clothes perfectly then follow this blog post. If you follow my tips point to point then I’ll assure you must get results. So, apply it now.

But if you want to win this race then you have to be determined. However, guys thanks for reading this article. And stay tuned to this website for getting more and more tips.