How To Diet Properly Loss Weight Fast – Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

Welcome to my How To Diet Properly Loss Weight Fast blog post. In this post, I’ll share 5 Proven tips hack to lose weight fast. If you can follow it you must get a better result. Let’s check it.

How To Diet Properly Loss Weight Fast – Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

How To Diet Properly Loss Weight Fast
How To Diet Properly Loss Weight Fast

Now, this is the major question. Everybody knows how to do it, but they can’t get across to actually getting it done today. I’m going to make that easier for you and I’m going to share one technique, just one technique out of all the techniques I’m going to talk about today. If you just follow that just one technique just follow that you will definitely do well, you will lose that belly fat.


You will keep the weight off. One aspect that people forget is you always want to lose weight and people go on fat diets and they’re not able to maintain those diets and then they’re able to they basically gain all that weight back all that belly fatback. I’m going to share with you. My pro tips on how to do that, how to do that effectively a couple of things you, of course, you have to do you have to designate somebody.

Designate One Person

This probably is going to be my first tip designate one person, one individual, maybe two individuals who will monitor your progress. It could be, it could be your doctor, it could be a nurse, it could be your family member. It could be your brother, it could be your sister, it could be your wife, it could be your husband. Anybody has to be in charge has to be looking at. What is your weight now? What is your waste now, so that is fairly important?

Two calculations: two measurements you have to do the BMI, that is the body mass index. So if you google, this, you will be easily able to find this and calculate this. For yourself, with your BMI is more than 25, then you are considered overweight. If your BMI is over 30, you are officially considered obese, you’re, officially considered fat all right, so just calculate that for yourself you need to maintain it. Your BMI, I would say less than 25, less than 20 is, is going to be not good. Between 20 to 25 is a good range for your BMI.

Measure The Circumference Of Your Belly, Measure Your Weight Waist Circumference.

The next thing you have to do is, of course, measure the circumference of your belly measure your weight waist circumference. Now for people, they say that for females you should try to keep it less than 35 inches and males less than 40 inches, and you can avoid obesity, related complications, and diseases that come with obesity. But who wants? Who? Which female wants? Are? Okay, with a waste of 35, most females that I know would want their waist around. Let’s say around 30 inches and man would be around 32 33 inches. That’s where the men want their waist to be so measured. Your waist measures your BMI and keep this in mind and set a targeted plan on where this is going to be now. What you have definitely to do.

To See What Your Goals

The next step is to see what your goals are. What do you want your waist to be? What do you want your weight to be? If you weigh let’s say 180 pounds you want to get down to 150? If that is your goal, measure your weight, and keep that goal in mind. And If your waist is, let’s say, 35 inches, 37 inches 40 inches and you want to get down to 32 inches or 30 inches.

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Put this down write this down on a piece of paper, share it with your point person who is going to monitor your progress and see what you are doing now, a couple of things and the second one of these aspects that I’m going to mention right now Is going to be the aspect that the only aspect that you follow? If you follow that aspect, then you will definitely be losing weight.

Avoid Triggers

Getting get rid of that belly fat. The first thing is avoiding triggers. So what do you mean by that? If you are a habitual eater in sitting in front of the tv or watching youTube, then you know that this is what is causing you to wait, gain your weight. This is what is causing you to get fatter. This is what is causing you to get that belly fat developed. So you have to disassociate that trigger your eating habit. Make it up in your mind, just promise yourself: you will not be eating while watching tv sit separately, eat separately. Have the tv off have youTube off? Have your phone off, that’s what you can do that will definitely help out in the long run, let’s say also, for example, just to give you another example.

If you happen to you’re coming from work nowadays, it’s a little difficult with quarantine. If that’s what’s what you are into these days, but what’s happening these days, then it’s probably not traveling to work. But if you are traveling to work you’re coming back home and you have to stop at this bakery – you have to uh stop at this um at this uh donut place and there’s – and you always do that – then just change your route. You have to do something disassociate with your disassociate, your eating, with your urges, your triggers your habits chase the route don’t watch in front of the tv if that’s what’s happening, a lot of people. This is what happens with a lot of people, so change this out now.

Portion Control

This next thing is the prime thing: if you just do this one thing you will reach your goals. You won’t have to do anything else. You will not have to go on any fad diets. This is portion control. It’s so easy to do. Portion control is the best. It’s so easy to do. Don’t have to go on fasting, Don’t have to go on a keto diet, for example. Don’t have to go on an Atkins diet, just do portion control.


How are you gonna do this? If you have a plate, if you have a bowl, if you have a spoon, you’re gonna cut them down to size, if you always eat in your favorite plate or your favorite bowl, it was a big plate, select out a smaller plate that you’re going to Use select out a smaller bowl that you’re going to use if you use a tablespoon to eat, use a teaspoon to eat.

So now what will happen? Are you normally fill up your big plate and eat that? What you’re going to do now is just use the small plate for anything that you have to eat. Fill it up, doesn’t matter, fill up with the same food that you’re going to always eat anyways and eat on that plate, you’re not going to get any seconds. If you take a bowl if you take um if you take your food to work in plates or bowls or packages, make sure your package is smaller, just make a smaller fill it up just eat that eat your three meals a day. That’S it!

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This will have a monumental change in your weight. This will have a monumental change in your waste and if you want to look good or get rid of diabetes or high blood pressure, this is the easiest way. No fasting, no keto, no paleo, no Mediterranean diet. Nothing! No Atkins diet, you just follow this simple routine. You don’t have to think much smaller plate, smaller bowl, smaller spoon. That’s it you’re all done. Okay, This was the most important tip as the easiest way to lose weight. Smaller everything all right, you will get smaller as well.

Your belly will get smaller as well just to move forward. So I can finish up my five goals: five ways: five tips for losing weight. Well, you have to reward yourself if you achieve your target. If you are on the right track, you have to reward yourself. How can you do this? What do most people say? Okay, if I’m gonna lose, I lost five pounds. I lost 10 pounds. I lost 15 pounds. i’m gonna go out and have a buffet, I’m gonna go to McDonald’s. I’m gonna have KFC I’m gonna um eat some burger and fries no you’re, not gonna.

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Do that you’re not gonna. Do that the way you’re gonna reward yourself is by let’s say you wanted to watch a movie reward yourself by watching that movie. If you’re can’t go to the cinema these days, then you just get on Netflix or youTube watch that movie as a reward. Keep that as an actual event, you’re going to reward yourself or you want to get that pant. You want to get that pair of trousers. You want to get that pair of jeans or a dress shirt, dress, pants or a dress shirt. Anything gets that for yourself reward yourself. Positive reinforcement is always good. Rewarding yourself is always good. It gets the right neurotransmitters flowing in your nerves, so rewarding yourself is essential.

Do not reward yourself by eating out reward yourself in other manners, such as, let’s say, like I said, watching a movie that you like or buying that pan that you wanted to because now you can actually fit into those pants fit into that size. Get a belt to celebrate your new, and you will, of course, be needing a new belt, because your old belts won’t really tie you to tie your pants up too well. So the number one thing out of all of these uh. Let me just try to list them out number one. Of course, you have to find this point person who will be looking at your progress will be just checking up on you every week every month, and that is not a big problem. Do this? Okay!

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Next, of course, you are going to measure yourself, the two measurements you’re going to make the BMI, and your waist, of course, and you’re going to put them down on a piece of paper and target them out. What are you going to have in one week from now? And What are you going to have in a month from now in two months from now and three months from now?

What are you going to have, of course? Then you’re gonna look at your triggers, avoid your triggers don’t eat while you’re watching tv or youtube or any any any Facebook um don’t um take change your route if you have to buy something at that store Or change your route, then, of course, the new most important one that I talked about portion control just cut down your plate, cut down your bowl cut down on that spoon size of course, and the last is reward yourself.

My Final Opinion:

Finally, I want to say If you really want to use weight then you have obeyed the scientific rules. You can’t get overnight results but you must get results. Weight loss is a SLOW race. If you want to with this race then you have to be determined. So, guys thanks for reading this article. Stay tuned with this blog for getting more and more health tips.