The Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef – Best Type Of Beef To Consume

Welcome to my The Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef blog post. In this post, Iโ€™ll share17 facts and benefits of beef, and the best type of beef to consume. Those are proven for Improving your health every day. If you can follow it you must get a better result. Letโ€™s check it.

The Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef – Best Type Of Beef To Consume

The Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef
The Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef

The health benefits of grass-fed beef. Beef is a red meat that comes from domesticated cattle and has been consumed by humans for at least 10,000 years. This meat is one of the most nutrient-dense foods and has some fantastic health benefits for the human body.


In today’s blog post we will explore 17 facts and benefits of beef, and the best type of beef to consume.

#1 – Muscle Growth

Grass fed beef is one of the best protein sources for helping to build muscle tissue in the body. It is also rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which helps your muscles to use fat for energy and boosts exercise performance.
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#2 – Heart Health

The Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef

Studies show that consuming foods rich in an amino acid called L-carnitine, improves the mortality rate by 27% for heart failure patients. Beef is rich in L-carnitine which helps to reduce hypertension, oxidative stress, and inflammation in order to protect the heart from angina and heart attacks.

#3 – Blood Flow

Blood Cells

If you suffer from anemia, or poor circulation then consuming grass fed beef can help. It is one of the richest sources of easily absorbed heme iron, which helps to make red blood cells and hemoglobin. Your body also needs lots of Vitamin B12 for making blood cells, and luckily beef contains a high amount of this nutrient.

#4 – Weight Loss

Weight Loss

A healthy way to lose weight is lowering your carbohydrates and consuming more sources of healthy fat. Grass fed beef is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which help you to tap into your own fat reserves for energy. Omega 3-s reduce insulin resistance and protein from red meat keeps you more satisfied with dieting.
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#5 – Liver Health

Beef is also rich in amino acids which the body converts into Glutathione. Glutathione is the master antioxidant that improves liver function and the elimination of toxins from the body. It also protects against cellular damage and can slow the effects of aging on the internal organs.

#6 – Immunity


If you suffer from regular cold or flu infections often, then we recommend adding some grass fed beef into the diet. The glutathione present in this meat, along with iron, zinc, B12, and B6 all work together synergistically to strengthen the immune system. This lowers the risk of infections from viruses, bacteria, and other invaders, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.
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#7 – Lean Mass

The Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef
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As we get older we tend to lose skeletal muscle mass which raises the risk of an earlier death. The body finds it hard to synthesize proteins with age, so it’s important to strengthen this as much as possible. Grass fed beef, lamb, and liver are some of the best protein-rich foods for keeping the body strong with age.

#8 – Minerals

Many people are deficient in minerals, particularly zinc and selenium. Minerals are very important co-factors that are used in millions of cell functions and enzyme reactions in the body. Grass fed cows are a great source of zinc, selenium, copper, potassium, and other macro minerals.

#9 – Fights AGES

In our modern diets, we tend to consume lots of (Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGES) from processed foods. AGES can contribute to faster aging and progressive damage to the liver. Beef contains 50% more Carnosine than chicken and white meat, which helps to reduce AGES and protect against many health conditions.

#10 – Diabetes

Doctor checking blood sugar level with glucometer. Treatment of diabetes concept.

Consuming high-quality meat and fish such as this helps to improve insulin sensitivity. This is excellent for those with diabetes because it has a minimal effect on blood sugars, but can actively improve this disease. The CLA in grass fed beef helps the cells to accept glucose for better overall health.

#11 – Cancer

CLA has also been shown in many studies to promote health and fight cancer. Grass fed beef contains 3 times more CLA than regular grain fed meats. A Finnish study showed that women who consumed high amounts of CLA in their diets had a lower risk of breast cancer. More research on CLA is currently required.

#12 – Brain Health

The Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef

Beef is also wonderful for improving brain health due to its concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. These have been shown to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s’, and other neurodegenerative diseases. The B vitamins in beef also promote a healthy nervous system and help to keep mental health stable, by improving the mood and making neurotransmitters.

#13 – Pregnancy


During pregnancy, it is important to eat lots of nutrient-dense foods, for the development of a healthy child. The complex of life-building nutrients in Beef helps to develop a healthy fetus, whilst iron promotes healthy blood flow and nourishment.

#14 – Skin Health

The Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef

To maintain healthy, elastic skin the body requires collagen. It can make this from various non-essential amino acids which come from beef and other animal sources. Consuming high-quality meats helps the skin to keep its youthful appearance with age, will a less likelihood of sagging skin and wrinkles.
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#15 – Grass Fed vs Grain Fed

Commercial meats are usually grain fed which causes them to have lower nutritional value. Grain fed cows are often consuming pesticides that interfere with hormones, causing potential health risks to their meat.

We highly recommend consuming grass fed and grass-finished beef products instead. These healthier bred animals contain 5 times more omega 3 fatty acids, 3 times more CLA, and have more absorbable vitamin D than milk.

#16 – How To Cook

Overcooked beef can be less healthy for the body because of its potential carcinogenic properties. Beef should be cooked to a rare or medium-rare temperature. Steaks, in particular, should always be cooked over a heat source such as a frying pan.

We recommend adding a little sea salt, black pepper, rosemary, and thyme for the most flavorsome dish. Rosemary and thyme also help to negate any negative effects from consuming overcooked beef, because of their antioxidant content.

#17 – Cuts of Beef

There are many different cuts of meat that come from different parts of the animal. We recommend consuming fattier cuts, such as ribeye. These are easier to digest and provide more fat-soluble nutrients, marbled throughout the protein.

If consuming minced beef, opt for the fattier variety, as leaner meats have a higher insulin response. Never consume refined carbohydrates alongside meats.

As you can see beef can be a very healthy food to consume, as long as it comes from the correct source. Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef is actually one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the human diet, especially if consumed alongside healthy vegetables/salad. This provides a complete and balanced nutritional profile with every single meal.

We also recommend beef bone broth and beef liver, to get the entire complex of nutrients from the same animal product.

My Final Opinion:

Finally, I want to say If you really want to use health then you have obeyed the scientific rules. You canโ€™t get overnight results but you must get results. So, guys thanks for reading this article. Stay tuned to this blog for getting more and more health tips.


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