The Health Benefits Of Omega-7 – Best 10 Benefits And Uses

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The Health Benefits Of Omega-7 – Best 10 Benefits And Uses

The Health Benefits Of Omega-7
The Health Benefits Of Omega-7

Omega 7 fatty acids are unsaturated fats that are found in sea buckthorn oil, macadamia nuts, some dairy products, and avocados. There are not essential nutrients because the body can make this on its own, however, they do have some fantastic health benefits omega-7 when consumed.


There are 8 different types of omega 7 found in different founds, however, the most common are palmitoleic acid and vaccenic acid. These are widely used in cosmetics and makeup products because they are highly moisturizing for the skin.

Today we will explore the health benefits of consuming Omega 7 fatty acids from healthy foods.

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#1 – Diabetes

Omega-7 has been shown in scientific studies to help heal beta cells in the pancreas. This helps diabetics to keep their blood sugars under control in a completely natural way. We recommend taking sea buckthorn oil daily if you are diabetic as a supplement.

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#2 – Blood Pressure

Studies also show that consuming omega 7 in the diet can protect against swelling in the blood vessels. This helps to manage blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of plaque forming in the arteries.

#3 – Immune System

Palmitoleic and other omega 7 fatty acids also help to strengthen the immune system. This also decreases inflammation in the body to protect it from harmful diseases and infections. Macadamia nuts are great for this purpose as they are rich in omega 7.

#4 – Satiety

You can take omega 7 in the form of a supplement if you wish and has been shown to help you feel full after meals. Omega 7 helps and boosts your energy levels. You feel more energized because your cells are able to accept more fuel and nutrients.


#5 – Fights Aging

Our bodies often get exposed to environmental toxins, pollutants, and harmful chemicals. When these become oxidized they speed up the aging process, making your skin look older and cause a loss in collagen.

Omega 7 helps to encourage the development of new skin cells, which helps to fight against oxidative damage. It also increases elastin and collagen, two proteins that keep the skin looking young, strong, and healthy.

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#6 – Colitis

Omega 7 fatty acids also help to reduce inflammation in the digestive system from those with ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Omega 7-s have a lubricating effect on internal skin which protects it from damage.

#7 – Dry Eyes

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, we highly recommend taking a supplement of omega 7 fatty acids, along with retinol. Dairy products like cheese and yogurt supply both retinol and omega 7, which help to lubricate the eyes by supporting the mucous membranes.

#8 – Liver Health

Consuming too much sugar or alcohol can cause swelling in the internal organs, leading to fatty liver disease. Research shows that omega 7 can help keep this inflammation at bay by suppressing cytokines. This helps your liver to stay healthy and flush out toxins.

#9 – Menopause Support

During and after menopause women may suffer from an omega 7 deficiency which can lead to vaginal dryness, dry eyes, and dry eyes. Taking sea buckthorn oil in pearl capsules is a great way to treat these problems and support hormone balance.

#10 – Sources

The best natural sources of omega 7 are macadamia nuts and oil and sea buckthorn oil. You can also get this from avocado oil, one of the healthiest cooking oils in the world. Olive oil also has small amounts and works best when consumed raw on salads. You can also get this from grass-fed beef, butter, cheese, milk, and fatty fish.

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