The Perfect Home Workout Program – Sets and Reps Included

Welcome to my The Perfect Home Workout Program blog post. In this post. I’ll share some proven exercises that help bodybuilding fast. If you can follow it you must get a better result. Let’s check it.

The Perfect Home Workout Program – Sets and Reps Included

The Perfect Home Workout Program
The Perfect Home Workout Program

We continue our perfect workout series here today. This time the perfect home workout – and this one, I have to say, is definitely by popular demand. Actually, it’s out of necessity. You see a lot of us have been affected by the recent coronavirus pandemic and we’re restricted to hold workouts. We’re not even allowed out of our own houses. We’re certainly not allowed in the gym. What can we do? Well, we don’t have to let the gains go by the wayside, as a matter of fact, guys. I wanted to make sure I put something together for you that you can use to continue to keep the gains coming and I put together this home workout.

That actually requires zero equipment. You’re gonna be able to do this, no matter what level of ability you’re at. I’m actually, including both a beginner version and a more advanced version. And I’m gonna give you not just a single workout, I’m giving you a complete total body, workout scheme that Will tell you exactly what to do for as long as it is that you’re actually not going to be able to get to the gym. Alright so with that being said. I have some rules that I got to lay down here to explain how you’re gonna do this.

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So, as I mentioned this whole workout is actually going to be comprised of two parts. Two separate workouts workout, a and workout B. You’re gonna perform both of them and you’re gonna perform them in a staggered fashion. So you’re gonna train three times a week, total body Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and week, one you’re gonna perform worked out on Monday and Friday with the workout. Be slotted in for Wednesday and week. Two you’re gonna have workout be leading off on Monday and being repeated on Friday, with workout a being slotted in on Wednesday.

So you’re, basically alternating your workouts and carrying this over for as long as you do, the entire Program. From here, you want to make sure that, since we’re going total body. That we’re not focused on necessarily a single muscle group. But that we’re covering all the major functions – and in this case here. We have six major things that we’re trying to hit in every Single workout, though the following and we’re what we’re gonna have an anterior chain, lower body grouping.

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That’s actually gonna be squat bias the first time through. But then we’re gonna actually bounce to the upper body for an upper push combination. We then go back to the lower body, and there’s a reason for this I’ll explain in a second we’re now going to focus on the posterior chain. And we’re gonna hit the patterning from here. We go back up to the upper body to do a full circuit and then we finish off with an AB circuit and one signal corrective exercise because we never leave the correctives out of athlean-x and that’s going to be the same. Whether you’re in a workout or working out B, but the exercises are going to completely change.

Home Workout
Home Workouts

Again I mentioned there’s going to be different exercises for those of you who are of doing this at different levels. I’m going to include all of those. The last point I’m going to make is that there’s zero rest occurring at any point in this workout and that’s the reason why we’re staggering up or lower. And not just that we’re actually not going to require you to rest between the exercises of the individual combinations. You’re going to perform every single one of these exercises individually for a minute. If you can’t do it for the entire minute, that’s okay!

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You can simply stop rest-pause, get back in on the action again, and try to complete out the rest of the minute. Ideally, as you get stronger at this, and better you’re gonna be able to complete the entire minute for every single exercise. The exercises are staggered and structured in such a way that it should allow you to continue to perform. Even though you’re fatigued from the exercises Before that. That is one of the best ways that you could train bodyweight.

When you realize that, because of the way you can mechanically set up your exercises, you can continue to perform. It gives you the chance to actually train to a point of progressive overload where others would stop at a single point on a single exercise. This is where I think the power of this workout comes in. So that being said, guys, there’s a lot to cover here. I want to make sure I go over every single one of these workouts for you and every exercise. So, let’s kick it off here workout.

So workout eight here is comprised of those six major groupings like I mentioned and don’t worry about having to memorize them or the individual exercises. I’m gonna do, as I always do for you. I’m gonna put Them all together and lay them out on a workout format for you at the end of this blog post.

Alternating Single Leg Box Squat (Advanced) – Exercise – 1A

Let’s take a look right here at the first combination. It was that anterior chain squat focused lower body circuit. Starting off with this exercise. It’s the alternating single leg box, squat now, look if you’re at a more advanced level. You’re going to perform this from a lower box. If you have to do this at a more intermediate or beginner level, you can simply raise the box. Now again, this box can be anything it could be a bed. It could be a couch on any surface that you can get yourself down to.

Bottom Out Squats (All) – Exercise – 1B

We move on here to something called the one-and-a-half bottom doubt squat, and we talked about in another BLOG POST. The benefit of working in that bottom range of the squat in that parallel to the below parallel range to strengthen that portion. Which is oftentimes the weakest area of the Squat. We can do that here again, regardless of what level we’re at we take this for the entire minute. Again, if you have to rest-pause, you can do that from here.

Jump Squat (All) – Exercise – 1C

We then go in, and we finish out this circuit. Which our legs will probably be pretty fright at this point, with a simple jump: squat and again, this can be pretty taxing at this point with other bodyweight workouts. If you had just stopped at the first exercise. Even if you attempted to take that by itself to failure. You could be doing it for a really long period of time. But when you stack them together like this, the cumulative fatigue becomes something that is able to be progressive and overloaded, and that’s where the real benefit comes from.

Handstand pushups (Advanced) – Exercise – 2A

So after these exercises again, there’s no rest in between them. We go right into the next grouping, and in this case, it’s our upper push and runs out the bat here we start with a handstand push up the shoulder, dominated very difficult exercise. That being said, if you can’t do this, you then simply just do something like this. The power pushes away, it’s still working the shoulders. It doesn’t require as much of your own body weight that you have to lift off the ground, but it’s still going to get the job done.

Rotational Pushups Advanced (Advanced) – Exercise – 2B

You move on from here to the next exercise. Which is a rotational push up a little bit more of a chest bias, and with the rotation, I’ve mentioned before you get that little added relative adduction at the chest to really try to hit the chest as Best as we possibly can again realizing that we have limited numbers of exercises. That we’re using since we have to cover the entire body. Again if you can’t do this, you can simply drop down to your knees and perform the same movement. You get the same benefits at a slightly easier level.

Cobra pushups (Advance) – Exercise – 2C

Then you wrap it up here with a tricep exercise. This one called the Cobra push-up and what we’re going to do between workouts, a and B, is just hit the different positions of the long head of the triceps. This one would actually train the long head of the triceps and it’s a more contracted position because you have that elbow straightened out with your arm closer to your body into or close to extension behind your body.

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Alternating Heel Touch Squats (Advanced) – Exercise – 3A

We go back now to the lower body, and in this case, now, a person here called the alternating heel touch squat. This one here is a posterior chain focused exercise just by leaning forward. You shift a lot of the focus on the glutes to perform the exercise and you’re simply trying to go down, touch both hands to the outsides of your heels and come back up at a more beginner level. If you need a little bit of extra assistance or even just a little bit of balance assistance, you could do the kickstand variation. Where you just have one foot out there, bearing maybe about 10 to 15 percent of your body weight.

Alternating Sprint Lunch (All) – Exercise – 3B

We move on to the alternating sprint or lunch again by simply leaning forward. We turn a regular lunge, that’s a quad, dominant into something that’s a more posterior chain. Glute dominant. You alternate back and forth both levels, of course, we’ll be able to do this.

Plyo Sprinter Lunges – (Advanced) – Exercise Combo – 3C

Then we wrap it up here with one final exercise: the Clio sprinter lunge. So we take the same position here and now we really want to burn it out and we see if we can be more explosive stay low to the ground. Here, your glutes are maximally engaged again. The beginner level, if you have to you, can simply make that switch at a much higher elevation. So come up out of the lunge a little bit and then make the switch.

Pullups (Advanced) – Exercise – 4A

We go back to the upper body again this time the upper pull. And in this case, we start off with the pull-up. The classic pull exercise and again all you’re required to have here is a single pull-up bar in your house to be able to get this done. If pull-ups are too challenging for you, though, you can do this exercise instead. This is called a seated pull-up, and all you got to do is just position your legs. As you see me here and lean back and I’ve just got literally a single dowel or broomstick Across the top of either two couches or two chairs again, there’s a whole workout and there are no excuses from here.

The Human Pullover (Advanced) – Exercise – 4B

We move on to the next exercise: the human pullover again. This is a tough exercise. This is for the more advanced people doing this. It looks a little bit like the Bruce Lee dragon flag as you see here. But the idea is looking at the lats doing the work here. I’m actually trying to pull my body up not by moving my knees towards my chest, but by pulling my arms into an immovable object. So, whatever you’re holding onto the bottom of the couch, the bottom of a bed. Whatever it is you’re trying to pull down.

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As far as you can, and that will actually get your body to rise. So don’t think of it as trying to pull your abs up but more pulling your arms down like a pullover. If you can’t do this. The bodyweight equivalent of this is this sliding pulldown and you can see I’m on a sliding surface. A hardwood floor, a tile floor and I’m just trying to pull my body back up to the top. Allow it to drift out, get that stretch in the lats, and pull back in.

Inverted Chin Curls(All) – Exercise – 4C

Then we finish with the exercise here. The inverted curl again back to that same stuff that I mentioned before, and the idea here is not just to pull with your back, but actually trying to pull as if you’re curling your body up to the bar to really engage the biceps.

Reverse Corkscrews (All) – Exercise – 5A

We finish out with our last two combinations here, the first of which is a core circuit, and the exercise that we choose here start at a lower ab exercise. This one, the reverse, corkscrew. You can see here that we’re not just getting that engagement in the Laurel. Abs, we’re also getting a little bit of bottom-up rotation to get the obliques as well.

Black Widow Knee Slides(All) – Exercise – 5B

We move up to the next exercise and that is the Black Widow knee slide. So here we call this a mid-range exercise. I Drive my knee towards my elbow. I slide it up to get a little bit more flexion through the spine. The focal point of the flexion is happening kind of mid back to engage both upper and lower abs.

Levitation Crunchs(All) – Exercise – 5C

Then, finally, we wrap it up with our levitation crunch. Here the goal is just to elevate your scapular in your shoulder, blades off the ground, not to curl them up towards your knees, but literally to just lift them up off the ground as if you’re trying to levitate them.

Angel And Devil(All) – Exercise 6

Then the corrective, as I mentioned, always finding A place into the athlean-x training programs and then these workouts here the angel and devil, and that is something that seems so sweet and easy but is so damn hard and it gets the entire posterior chain. I have to have my quads elevated off the ground, so I engage the glutes. I engage the low back and then this rotation of the arms is actually taking our shoulders through a full rotation, working, not only the rotator cuff but also engaging the upper scape muscles and mid-back muscles as well areas that tend to get neglected.

So now this entire workout that you’ve worked your way through that’s one time. Ideally, I want to see you go through it two or three times. If you go through it two times, the workout will take you about thirty-five minutes or so, if you go through it three times, you’ll max out at about just over 50 minutes. So no matter what you choose to do, you still got a workout here.

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Slick Floor Bridge Curls(All) – Exercise – 1A

All right so with workout an out of the way now you’re gonna get that second workout and that workout B to be done in an alternating fashion with the first workout, and we start off with an exercise Here called the slick floor bridge curl again, you can do this on any floor in your houses like a hardwood floor or a tile floor that you could just allow your socks to slide back and forth.

The key here is that it’s reinforcing one of the main necessities of lower body training and that is to learn how to engage both your hamstrings and your glutes get them to work together and by demanding that I have to maintain this high bridge the whole time That I slide my legs out and back into this hamstring curl is getting those glutes to make sure that the primary driver of the movement.

Long Leg MarchS(All) – Exercise – 1B

The next exercise is something called a long leg March and here we’re just trying to again work that entire posterior chain and you’ll see that this lights it up a lot more than you might have thought it would because it looks so damn easy.

High Hip Bucks(All) – Exercise – 1C

Then we Finished off with a simple exercise that, at this point in the game is not going to be so simple again. That cumulative fatigue is what we’re going for here and again. That lack of rest is going to demand that that fatigue sets in, and this is just something called a high hip buck. You just put your feet up on any surface again. It could be your coach and you’re simply driving up allowing the glutes to really drive the movement here.

Variable Wall Pushups (Abvanced) – Exercise – 2A

We then shift to the upper body again, in this case, the upper body push, and now the last time we kind of went a little bit heavy on the front side with the shoulders. This time, we’re gonna go a little bit heavier on the front side. With the chest – and we do this with our variable wall – push up and here because we’re in this decline position we’re actually working the upper portion of our chest.

A little counterintuitive, but that’s how it works and as we fatigue here, you simply walk yourself down the Wall to allow yourself to continue knowing that the flat variation is going to be a little bit easier than that decline variation. So, as we fatigue, we can do a few more reps. We continue to try to do this for the entire minute, if possible. If you can’t do this because the wall version is too hard, you can simply put your knees up onto any surface again a couch or a bed, and you perform the decline variation and we can’t do anymore. You go down to the flat.

Bodyweight Side Lateral Raises – Exercise – 2B

Then we take it to the next exercise here, which is actually really interesting and it’s the bodyweight side lateral raise and we lose sight of the fact that we always think we have to move the limb in space to work. A muscle and that’s not true. You see, we can actually move the body around a fixed limb and, in this case, we’re getting relative abduction of the arm, meaning we are training the muscles of the shoulder by moving the body away from the arm, but still winding up with the same end. Product – and that is the abduction of the arm and again we could do this from the knees if we need to make it a little bit easier for the beginners.

Bodyweight Tricep Extension(All) – Exercise – 2C

Then we wrap this up again. I mentioned with the tricep exercise this time it’s going to be more for putting the tricep long head on the stretch in step, bodyweight, tricep extension. Again, you choose any surface, that’s relatively about the height that you see here and you allow yourself to dip down dive your head down underneath, so you can get more extension of those arms back up overhead.

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Alternating Crossover Step-ups(All) – Exercise – 3A

We go back to the lower body again and this time we’re actually going to try to hit the quads book and more of a lunge bias versus a squat bias and the first exercise we start off here with it’s the alternating crossover step up. So the step up is a great exercise for engaging the quads. Try to keep your torso upright as much as you possibly can, and the slight crossover of the leg behind me just allows me to reload that quad a little bit more in the bottom position. So I could drive up more forcefully from here.

Alternating Reverse lunges(All) – Exercise – 3B

We move to the second exercise again, remember with no res. And it is the alternating reverse lunge. t’s a little bit easier on the knees because we don’t get that anterior stress that we get when we actually lunge forward so you’re gonna find. Even if you have knee problems, this is going to work for you, regardless of what level you’re performing at.

Split Squat Jump (All) – Exercise – 3C

Then we wrap it up here with the split squat jump a little bit more of an explosive exercise here that tends to be difficult. Especially at this point in the game see if you can cut it out for the entire minute, if possible.

Chinups (Advanced) – Exercise – 4A

We go back one more time for the upper body pull circuit and it starts this time, not with the pull-up. With the chin-up again focus a Little bit more heavily on the biceps. While still making sure we get the main benefit of one of the best exercises. We can do for the pull, and that’s that chin and again, if you can’t do this, you could do the seated version of it. AS I showed Before just by sitting down and doing the same setup we use before.

Inverted Row(All) – Exercise – 4B

Next, we go to our second exercise here, and it is the inverted row. There’s actually an exercise that works its way into a lot of the athlean-x programs. We’re now getting more of a horizontal pull as opposed to a vertical again at this point in the game. It could be a lot more challenging than would have been if you did it on its own.

Back Widow(All) – Exercise – 4C

Then we wrap up with our final exercise. Here. It’s a bodyweight exercise. I just featured it in a recent post. It’s called the back Widow. You can see every single muscle in the upper back and rear delts get engaged here by this simple, looking exercise, but certainly not at this stage of the game. I want you to wrap up with this one.

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AB Halos(All) – Exercise- 5A

Then we go to our last two circuits once again, a core circuit. And we start with that lower focused exercise and it’s the ab halo. So what you do is you: try to lift and create half a circle at the same time. So lift that pelvis up off the ground engage the lower abs and try to create a half-circle for a little bit of rotation. And repeat for the entire Minute.

V-Up Tucks(All) – Exercise – 5B

You move to the next exercise here, which is a V up, tuck, again trying to engage both upper and lower by moving both the upper and lower torso to get.

Sit-Sp Elbow thrusts(All) – Exercise – 5C

Finally, we wrap up with one exercise here. It’s called this sit-up elbow thrust, you’re, getting a little bit of extra oblique work, but obviously. It’s primarily a top-down driven exercise.

Reverse Hyperextension (All)Exercise – 6

Then we go and we have our final corrective, and it’s one of my favorites, it’s the reverse hyperextension here. The idea is to lay again over any stable surface and really drive the lifting of the legs by first contracting, the glutes and then allowing the low back to take over from there.

My Final Opinion:

Finally, I want to say If you really want bodybuilding then you have obeyed the scientific rules. You can’t get overnight results but you must get results. Bodybuilding is a SLOW race. If you want to with this race then you have to be determined. So, guys thanks for reading this article. Stay tuned to this blog for getting more and more the six-pack tips.

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