What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12 – 17 Benefits and Uses

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What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12

What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12
What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12

The health benefits of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin also known as cobalamin. This is a very important nutrient that keeps the body’s nerves and blood cells healthy. It also helps to make DNA, the genetic material found in every cell inside the human body.

In today’s blog post we highlight 17 facts and benefits of Vitamin B12, explain how it works in the body and how you can get more of this into your diet.

#1 – Blood Cells

Blood Cells
Blood Cells

Vitamin B12 plays an important role when it comes to helping the body build red blood cells. It works with folate (Vitamin B9) to produce hemoglobin and healthy blood cells which carry oxygen throughout your body. Unfortunately, over 40% of people are deficient in B12 which can lead to anemia and weakness.

#2 – Energy Production

Energy Production
Energy Production

People who are deficient in B12 will often feel tired, weak, and have low energy levels. The body cannot store B12 very well, so we have to get it daily from healthy foods like beef, oily fish, or shellfish.

Getting more of this vitamin improves energy levels by boosting oxygen to the cells and helping to remove waste like carbon dioxide.

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#3 – Depression

What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12

A common symptom of B12 deficiency is depression and mood disorders. B12 helps the brain to make serotonin, a neurotransmitter which makes regulates your mood and makes you feel good.
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#4 – Muscle Health

Muscle Health

If you feel weak and tired when exercising then you may be deficient in B12. This nutrient improves nerve signaling, helping to tell your muscles when to relax or contract. Athletes in particular need more B12 to keep their energy levels high when working out.

#5 – Pregnancy


If you are pregnant then it is imperative that you meet your daily requirements for B12 for a healthy child. Studies show that a fetus’s brain and nervous system need lots of this nutrient from the mother in order to develop properly.

#6 – Nerve Health

Nerve Health
Nerve Health

Cobalamin is also known as Vitamin B12 is absolutely essential for making myelin sheathe. This is a fatty substance that covers and protects the nerves in the nervous system and helps them to communicate.

This along with Vitamin B1, B6, and E help to support a healthy nervous system and protect against problems like peripheral neuropathy, tingling in the hands and feet, and sharp shooting pains in the toes.

#7 – Brain Health

What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12
Brain Health

If you suffer from memory problems, brain fog, or poor concentration then Vitamin B12 may help. It has been shown to protect the neurons in the brain, and may also reduce the risk of Dementia. Taking a natural B12 supplement can improve brain function, along with other B vitamins.

#8 – Heart Health

Heart Health

By boosting the health of the nervous system, B12 also helps to protect against heart disease. It works with other B vitamins to keep the heart muscle working properly, and also keeps homocysteine levels low for protection.

#9 – Canker Sores

Canker Sores

If you get small yellow/white ulcers inside the mouth, then you are likely deficient in B12. Eating some shellfish with a little vinegar is the best remedy for these painful sores.

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#10 – Swollen Tongue

What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12
Swollen Tongue

Some people suffer from a swollen or inflamed tongue. The tongue may look smooth because the taste buds (tiny bumps) stretch out and disappear.

This is known as Glossitis and can affect the way you eat and speak. Getting more B12 helps to heal this problem by improving blood flow and nerve communication with the tongue.

#11 – Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration

Research shows that when you become deficient in B12, your levels of homocysteine in the blood go up. This can lead to macular degeneration in the eyes with age, so it’s very important to get at least 1.5mcg of this Vitamin each day.

#12 – Eyesight Improvement

Eyesight Improvement

Getting more of this in the diet also benefits the vision by helping to reverse nerve damage around the optic nerve. B12 also protects the nerves from future damage and oxidation, as long as you are consuming a diet packed full of nutrition.

#13 – Jaundice


Those with a B12 deficiency often look pale with a slight yellow tinge to their skin. Luckily Vitamin B12 helps to produce stronger and healthier red blood cells which can reverse this problem and give you a natural healthy-looking glow.

#14 – Immune System

Immune System

Along with other essential nutrients, Vitamin B12 is vital for the immune system. By producing healthy white and red blood cells, B12 encourages your immune system to fight off pathogens, harmful invaders, microbes, and diseases.


#15- Deficiency


Over 40% of people are deficient in Vitamin B12, even those who are taking daily supplements. Consuming refined foods rich in sugar or flour, such as bread, biscuits, cakes, waffles and junk foods depletes your B vitamins.

Also, if you have digestive disorders such as acid reflux, GERD, indigestion, IBS, IBD, Celiac, or Crohn’s disease then you may struggle to digest and absorb B12.

Taking apple cider vinegar capsules before each meal helps to strengthen your stomach so that you can absorb this nutrient better.

#16 – Antacids


If you are taking antiacid medication regularly, this will neutralize your important stomach acid, leading to a B12 deficiency. You will also struggle to digest protein, minerals, and many other nutrients.

We recommend replacing these with a good quality digestive enzyme supplement, combined with ox bile salts and apple cider vinegar.

#17 – Supplement

What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12

If you wish to take a supplement, be sure to avoid the synthetic version called cyanocobalamin, as this is poorly absorbed. It is also part cyanide, which is a toxic chemical.

The best natural version is called methylcobalamin, which is bound to a protein that the stomach can break down properly.

As you can see Vitamin B12 is incredibly important when it comes to the nerves, blood, and energy levels of the body.

Remember to always get your nutrients from healthy foods when possible, as they contain a complex of nutrients that work together.

Vegans, Vegetarians, and those on a plant-based diet will also struggle to get B12 as it mostly comes from animal sources. Chlorella is the best plant-based source of this, a type of sea algae.

B12 is not sensitive to heat, light, air, or oxygen so it can be safely cooked. However, it is water-soluble and can be lost in the cooking water.

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